DEM unveils the DRS Endurance Rim

DEM unveils the DRS Endurance Rim, high end steering wheel that will be availabe for purchase with the force feedback DRS Integrale base.
The steering wheel consists of two parts, also available for purchase separately: the rim, 310 mm wide, has Alcantara grips, hand made seam and carbon look; the hub, beating heart of the whole rim, can be connected to the PC using a USB cable and mounts a multifunctional display, 8 buttons and two rotary switches. The advanced display software connects with all the main simulators available on the market to provide the sim-racer every information required during a driving session.
Thanks to the six holes available at the front it will be possible to mount any other after market compatible steering wheel, included the ones we’ll present in the next weeks.


  1. How is the project with force feedback DRS Integrale base? Is it finished? Price?

    • DEM Racing Simulators

      Hello, we are finalizing the last prototype: we thought there still was room for improvements so we preferred to keep working on it rather that releasing it immediately and then offer a V2 few months later.
      We should be able to announce all the details in the upcming weeks, hopefully this month: keep us following!

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