DRS Integrale: pre-order available now!

DRS Integrale pre order has now officially started. The new professional steering system is entirely made in Italy and built of metal; it takes advantage of mechanical gears to offer the driver high quality force feedback effects with a linear response.
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  • Unparalleled force feedback quality and driving realism
  • Steering wheel connects directly to encoder, there is no motor shaft between your arms and the encoder
  • Dual motor Force Feedback System with high accuracy and low backlash gear train, powerful dual motors support up to 16Nm of torque
  • Counter rotating strategy to reduce gears backlash to zero
  • Torque is easily adjustable for safe use by friends and family
  • Adjustable wheel dampening
  • Adjustable wheel inertia
  • High torque resolution for each motor
  • Perfect true linear render of force feedback forces, from min to max forces
  • Up to 6000Hz communication rate pc <-> steering wheel
  • Lowest possible latency  due to integration of controller and motor drive system on a single circuit board
  • 1080 degrees of rotation , user can modify this value in 240 – 1080 degrees range.
  • 16,000 PPR (pulse per revolution) positional feedback
  • 16-bit control loop resolution
  • Expansion port for 2 digital buttons and 3 analogic input (pedals and rotary encoders)

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