DRS INTEGRALE, professional steering system

DEM is ready to unveil its next project, with whom we want to reach every sim racer that is looking for a new high quality steering system while keeping an eye on the price (that we will unveil in the close future, but we can already anticipate that we plan to keep it lower than the current high end systems on the market).
It’s a pleasure to show you the very first preview of DRS INTEGRALE, our new steering system currently undergoing an advanced testing process. We are proud to claim that this will be a fully made in Italy product, a detail that brought us to give it a well recognizable name to underline its origin and our will to become one of the main competitors in this market.

DRS INTEGRALE specifications are:

– 2x 24v 200W high torque contrarotating engines, made in Italy
– 1 reduction stage with large diameter steel gear wheels made in Italy (no belts)
– engines and gear wheels mounted on large diameter bearing
– reducer box ergal made machined from solid mounted on CNC laser cut steel base, fully made in Italy
– 1 encoder with 10000 PPR mounted directly on the steering axis (steering wheel position is not influenced by the presence of the reducer)
– 14 Nm torque (to be confirmed within January)
–  1024 torque levels for each steering direction (with a resolution of 8 grams of force on a 30cm large steering wheel)
– possibility to modify steering wheel’s inertia via software to adapt it to different type of cars
– integrated electronics, with no external components
– Assetto Corsa plugin that gives you the chance to modify the force feedback response as you prefer (we are working to get this on the other main simulation softwares)
– fast customer care service thanks to products available on our national territory
– Windows driver to recognize the peripheral as a force feedback device
– USB connection
– size: 210x270x120(h) mm
– weight: 12 Kg

Sale opening is planned before of this Spring. The base, which has already been tested for more than 300 hours, is being refined and will be available for testing here in San Marino since the end of January. We are working on some improvements to make it even more versatile, something that we will reveal as soon as we’ll get close to the release date.
The steering wheel mounting you see in the preview image is temporary, as it’s the one we mount on our F1 cockpits: we are already at work to create a new one adapted to the steering system.


  1. I like the info and I am waiting the final product!

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