Training Center


DEM Racing Simulators opens the first training center for young and professional drivers in San Marino. The cockpit we use is the DRS Carbon Formula, a unique solution in its genre: fully carbon made, it mounts professional peripherals to let the driver feel like when sitting in the real car.

visual sector

The training center uses 3 full HD projectors that are able to provide very bright and defined images thanks to their 2300 lumens output and a 40000:1 contrast. Curved screen grants the driver a very wide view thanks to its 150°. The lack of any bezel and the use of an advanced warping and blending software offers images with a smooth transition between projectors, with no distractions for the driver.

The simulator and the curved screen Full HD projectors

motion system

DRS Carbon Formula mounts a DBox four actuators system, two on the front axis and two on the rear one. These four pistons allow the driver to feel every single bump on the road, simulating not only car’s roll, but also car’s pitch because of weight transfer.

4 DBox actuators

steering system

DEM didn’t compromise and for the steering system chose the best system available on the market. With a 16 Nm torque, the steering wheel offers a fast response without any kind of dead zone, leaving the driver in full control of the car. Force feedback strenght can be easily tuned to simulate both cars with power steering and cars without any help on the steering wheel.

Professional steering system


DEM’s simulator combines a very accurate physic model with a detailed track reproduction, which takes full advantage of laser scan technology. The engineer can modify every single value in the setup and validate final results thanks to the use of telemetry.
If requested it is possible to create new cars to fit every need a driver or a team might have (contact us for more informations).

Realistich physic Laser scanned tracks


The training center follows this timetable:

Mon – Tue – Wed – Thu – Fri
9:00 – 13:00 / 14:00 – 18

Booking required.

The price for a training session is:

  • 1 hour: 120€
  • 4 hours (half day): 400€
  • 8 hours (whole day): 700€

Booking is possible for groups too: the session cost will be subdivided depending on the number of drivers (i.e.: for a 4 hours session each person will pay 100€).