DRS-13 Half Cockpit, the top dynamic Formula 1 simulator

The bestselling F1 simulator

Our best seller cockpit: it has elegant lines, it’s a perfect reproduction of half one seat wheeler, with fine details like bottom and seat made of carbon fibre. This is the ideal solution if you want more people to race together thanks to its limited size. See the car in action on our YouTube channel or pay a visit to one of our customers to see with your own eyes the F1 simulator DRS-13 3/4: you will fall in love with its shapes!

Built taking as a reference the size of a real one seat wheeler, the F1 simulator puts the virtual driver in an absolutely realistic environment where he/she can test his/her skills turn after turn, learning braking points all over the track and improving his/her laptimes as long as the session goes on. The correct driving view permits to have on screen the same proportions as in the real world and the driving peripherals mounted in the Formula 1 simulators built by DEM transmit a feeling as close as possible to real races.

The advanced driving software, customized on purpose for DEM Racing Simulators and even more fine tuned by us, grants a simplified management of all the main functionalities, so to be on the track with very little mouse clicks. “Hotlap”, “Race” and “Spectator” modes satisfy every player need, reaching the maximum fun when more simulators are linked together to allow players to challenge each other in real time.

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authentic reproduction of half Formula 1 car, 1:1 scale

self supporting fiber glass monocoque

base made of aluminium

carbon fibre bottom and seat

DRS Pedals set

adjustable pedals

removable front end for pedals maintenance

steering wheel support base

motion system provided by a two actuators DBox platform

Bose Companion 5 audio speakers