Simulator Energy Bar, high quality ice cream and F1 simulator

Ice cream parlor and Formula 1 simulator in an innovative activity

Can a simple idea become a successful business? Sure! That’s why DEM offers its customers the Simulator Energy Bar, an innovative concept that expands the idea of a simple rest stop.
The structure is made of two areas. The front one is dedicated to the sale of ice cream made of  high quality organic products and it also offers a salad bar; as every sportsman knows, the quality of what we eat has a strong influence on our body, as such DEM wants to offer an alternative to the usual fast-food restaurants giving you the possibility to have a quick meal that will make you feel healthy and give you energy for the rest of the day.
The rear one hosts the exclusive DEM’s dynamic F1 simulator. Thanks to its triple screen configuration, professional driving peripherals and advanced simulation software, the Formula 1 simulator will put you in a racing environment just like if you were in a real car: test your driving skills on some of the most famous circuits of the world, beat your laptime and climb the leaderboard to become the fastest driver in town!

The structure’s size (4m x 7m) makes it easy to install in any environment, and it also offers the possibility to install shop windows to showcase and sell high quality organic products.
Available as a franchising, the Simulator Energy Bar is the opportunity you were waiting for to offer your customers a new and stimulating activity, which connects high quality nutrition to the passion for the world of racing.


Innovative concept

High quality organic products

Exclusive dynamic F1 simulator

Limited size (4m x 7m)