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DEM Racing Simulators is a Switzerland Company that works on the design, assembling and sales of the different simulators and device offered to customers.

The company  during these years developed more and more competence in the world of driving simulators, passing from a consumer-only market, mainly focused on entertainment, to a professional one closer to the real world of racing.

Our history

DEM was born thanks to the passion of its owner for the racing world, especially Formula 1. Sim racing enthusiast since a long time, he managed to transform his hobby into a work, using these racing videogames who became more and more sophisticated year after year, both in terms of graphic and physic.

DEM's products want to introduce enthusiasts who still don't know anything about driving simulations into the world of simulated driving, letting them discover this hobby thanks to quality peripherals and software who adapts to their needs, so to provide a soft learning curve from the easiest levels to the most realistic ones.

To those who already know these titles, instead, the company offers every kind of quality peripheral to let both the virtual and real driver improve their performances with a driving feel as close as possible to reality.